Friday, August 22, 2008


I grew up fishing for White Bass with my friends in Orem. We would ride out bikes to the Geneva Steel cooling ponds and catch bass to our hearts content. I always enjoyed fishing as a kid, but this was the start of my obsession with fishing. I went every chance I could get to pursue those spunky fish in the nasty water. I looked forward to late May, not only because it was the end of school, but that White Bass would spawn in the river running into Utah Lake. My friends and I would ride our bikes down every day to catch fish after fish. Its been a long time since I caught a White Bass. But the other day, I went fishing for a species of fish that is a tweeked out White Bass on steroids! It brought back memories of times past and all the fun I had with friends fishing for White Bass. Wipers are a cross between a White Bass and a Striped Bass.

This is the first wiper I have ever caught

I ended up catching close to a dozen fish!

Here is a nice Smallmouth I also caught