Thursday, May 31, 2007

40+ Fish Day

I went fishing all day today. I finished my 3 weight fly rod a couple days ago and this was my first time out to use it. A 3 wt rod is very flexible which makes even small fish a challenge to cooperate.

This is the first fish caught on this rod...

There were a couple older gentlemen on the river fishing with spin rods. They didn't have much for stream etiquette (they kept coming up and casting into the section of stream I was fishing in directly above me)but one of the guys took this picture for me...

This was a very odd fish. When it rose to the fly, I thought it was a BIG fish, in the large teens. But when I finally landed it (it took a very long time because it kept running on me)I was suprise ho short and stubby it was.

A helicopter kept flying overhead. I guess it was dumping water on this fire.

I had a great time and ended up catching over forty fish. I was having so much fun, I ended up going into town to eat lunch and buy more flies and went back and caught more fish. Most of the fish were 8-10", but a few broke the 12" mark. Of coarse I threw them all back to get bigger. I like catching fish, but don't care for messing with them once I can see how big they are. My favorite thing is when I get them up to me and then they release themselves. I don't even have to touch them, which decreases the chance of them dieing.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks Jana!

Its nice having older siblings to pass down baby things. Katy and I really apreciate the crib Jana. With the tons of clothes and baby items Katy's sister Jessie gave us, we are making out like bandits! Thanks for supporting the little guys.

California Trip

Katy and I had fun hanging out with the Perry kids. Sarge had such a blast and slept for the next couple days to recoup from all the activity. Katy and I stopped at Laguna Beach on the way home to Cedar to look at the ocean and tide pools.

Thanks for having us Perrys

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thanks Sarge!!!

After a long day working with severly chronicly mentally ill folks, its nice to come home to more crazyness...:(

Friday Fishing 5-11-07

I finally got out to go fishing after almost a month of missing out. The past couple weeks have been bad weather on my days off.

I went with a friend from work. We first fished Antimony Creek. I took a while to find because I missed the turnoff and it put us way oiff course. I wanted top put a few more fish on my bamboo rod I rebuit a couple months ago, so I decided to use it instead of my trusty XP. I missed a few strikes, but came away 0-1.

We stopped at a mom and pop store a got some lunch. Then we headed to Otter Creek and fished below the dam. luck.

Although Antimony creek was fairly clear, most of the streams and rivers we passed were blown-out from runoff. So we passed alot of streaches of water "That'll be awsome in a month or so"

It was getting late and a big fat zero was hanging over both our heads for fish count. We stopped in for a soda in Panquitch and met a nice guy with private land. He told us we could go up on his property. We were much abliged and decided it was do or die.

When we go up there, the water was a little murky, but fishable. After slinging a bugger thru a couple runs, I decided to check out the bug life under some rocks> I decided to use a dry-dropper with a stimulator and a pheasant tail below. The sun was blazing in my face, so the big stimulator was the only thing I could see. the first run after switching up, a caught a couple small browns. Here was the first and larger taken on top with the stimulator...

My buddy wanted to go to Duck Creek and try his luck there. But after finally catching some fish, I hunkered down and said we were staying here. Unfortunately, those two browns were the only fish of the day. Good thing they were mine!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sarge Got a New Pool!!!

Sarge has a little oasis in the back yard.

Ode to Mike

This song was written just for me!