Saturday, July 28, 2007

Evening on Beaver Mountain

Craig and I went fishing on Beaver Mountain this evening. I was a little slow when we got there, but managed to have a great evening on the stream. The fish are never huge, but are a blast to catch. The fishing can be technical having to cast our fly in dinner plate sized areas. Just scoping out some places to take Connor out in a few months. I plan to start him early.

Katy was "nesting" when I got home from work. S she was scrubbing, mopping and finding anything possible to clean. She's a little early for the pre-labor energy boost. But she kind of resembles my manic clients at work...minus the rapid speech and delusions of grandeur. Next thing you know, she might be washing the soup cans.

We ended up fishing until it was too dark to see. See you next year stream...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Banana Boat Outting

Katy, Sarge, and I went up in the mountains to let Sarge run wild and I fished a little. Katy and I enjoyed some "Banana Boats" on the grill. For those that don't know, Banana Boats are Bananas cut open and stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then it is wrapped in foil and heated until the chocolate and mellows are melted. It was a wonderful evening.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Found a Buddy For Sarge!!!

With a new baby on the way, we are afraid Sarge will be lonely with the decrease in attention. Katy and I decided to get him a little buddy to keep him company until Connor is big enough to play with...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brook Meadow on Cedar Mountain

My buddy from work and I went fishing yesterday above Panguitch Lake. I had never been to this spot. But had a blast catching fish on a rod I built and flies I tied.

This is a funny picture. Fish seem to know just the right time to get fussy.

Same fish under submission.

Brook Trout are a lot of fun to catch and very beautiful.

This is the little Brook that we fished...

Day up at Brianhead

Katy, Sarge, and I went up on Cedar Mountain on Thursday and walked around Brianhead. One more month for Katy to pop that baby out. She is ready to be done being pregnant in the summer.

We ate pizza at the resort. Sarge was very mindful as long as he got to share the pizza with us.

We had a fun time. And we wore Sarge out in the process.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday Fishing Fun

Katy suggested we take Sarge somewhere so he could get some wiggles out. We headed up Cedar Canyon and guess where we ended up?

Sarge had a great time getting some wiggles out. I got to catch a few fish. And Katy went Rock Houndin'.

We got up there about an hour before dark. But it was a great break from Cedar's heat. And it's always nice to go on a drive in the mountains.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday Fun Adventure

I went out Friday morning with the goal to catch a trout over 20 inches on a fly rod. I got up a 5am (which you all know is unnatural for anyone, especially me!). And left as the sun was rising. I caught a fat 12" Brown trout right away. I didn't take a picture because I assumed this was a good sign. I later hooked into a nice trout, but it released itself before I could land it and measure it. It probably wouldn't have fulfilled my 20" goal, but it would have been close. It started getting hot and I wasn't getting any more takers, so I decided to head home. On the way home, after re-hydrating and getting my wits about me, I decided to hit one more stream on the way home. I headed thru the Cedar Breaks area towards Panquetch Lake. There were a lot of pretty wild flowers along the road on the drive over. I had never been here, but a friend told me about it. I wasn't sure if there would be fish in it. At its widest, it barely pushed three feet wide. I think this is the smallest stream I have ever fished on.

I used the rod I built a month or so ago. I caught a little brook trout right away. And figured this was about what I'd be catching on the rest of this stream.

But I was surprised to begin catching many fish over 10 inches and one that was 12". There were fish in nearly every little pool. I even had one trout miss the fly a couple times. As I cast into the pool, it would continue to try and snatch the fly. On the last cast, it flew out of the water completely, but again missed the fly. I think it was far sited or something.

The fishing was tons of fun. There wasn't much skill involved, except getting the fly into the small pockets of water without getting the fly wrapped and snarled around the little willows that lined the stream. I ended up staying longer than I had expected. I knew I had to get going, so I made the rule if I lost my current fly, or went two pools without catching a fish, I would go back. Even the pools that looked too small to hold fish, held fish. I finally stood in the same spot until I couldn't cast into any more new pools and ended up sacrificing my fly to the bushes.

I was going to keep one of the Brookies, and BBQ it fresh from the stream. But I wanted to get back in time to catch a movie with Katy at 4pm. I picked Katy a bunch of wildflowers on the walk back to the truck. It was a beautiful day and catching all those fish help boost my ego after not meeting my goal earlier in the day. Today was about quantity of fish and quality of the experience.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Response to Recent Criticism

I have been razzed about having more fishing pictures on my blog than pictures of my lovely wife Katy. Well, Katy is hard to photograph. She threatens death and torture when I try to photograph her. And her hand gets in the way a lot...if she isn't swinging it at me. But her is a tribute to Katy Bug...

This is about the reaction I'm going to get from Katy when she sees this!

Or maybe this.

This was taken on our Jackson Hole trip a year ago. We stayed down in Alpine and drove up into Jackson during the day. It was a great trip and I'm glad we went on it.

This is at my Graduation last year guessed it, SUU.

Katy was a cutey pie little girl and I love this picture! Maybe we will be blessed with one of these some day.

Self explanatory. What a great day! Well, I hope I'm still married after Katy sees this post...but you asked for it.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

One more outting before I have to go back to work

I headed out to go fishing a little after 10:30am Friday morning. After getting a soda, I decided to head home and call it a day. It was way too hot to go fishing. About five minutes from returning home, Craig called me up to go fishing that evening.

We left Cedar at 5:30p and was stopped at an "administrative checkpoint" just before the turnoff to the stream. The checkpoint was oddly placed in the middle of nowhere. I think they were looking for drunk hicks. We got up to the upper Mammoth at a perfect time. We had the stream to ourselves. I spent more time losing flies in trees while Craig kept catching fish.

I missed a few strikes, but I couldn't buy a hook-up. I ended up losing all my White Wulfs, so I had to raid Craig's flybox to steal a couple from him.

I ended up catching one small fish in slow water just before dark. I hooked into a nice beefy one, but it broke off. Like usual, Craig had to wait for me to make a "few more casts". We got back to Cedar just after 11pm. It was a nice last horrah before having to go back to work.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Deer Valley Trip

I headed North on Thursday (6/28) around 10am. I ended up fishing at a couple locations, ending the day of fishing past 10:30pm and headed up to stay with Jan and Marg.

I caught this guy right as it got dark. I tried and tried, but it wouldn't stay still
for its photo op., so I put him back in the water and made the 1/2 hour walk back to my truck in the dark with a dim headlamp.

I stayed at Mom and Dad's that night. When I woke up, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a Jan & Marg vacation by washing the exterior windows of the house. They treated me to lunch at Tsing Tao. Jan stole most of Marg's shrimp and got a good scolding. He then continued his raid by stealing mom and my fried rice.

Katy came up the day before with her mom and sister and went to Ikea and got some baby stuff. I met Katy and the Fetzers at the condo in Deer Valley. We headed to the pool and then we played a game of hearts; Five way with all the queens. We only got thru one set of passes. But I won with an easy lead.

The next day, Katy, Sam, Jake, and I went to Park City Mountain Resort and the boys and I went down the alpine slide

and the alpine coaster. The alpine coaster was a blast!!!

That night we attended Katy's Cousin's wedding reception at the Red Pines Lodge at the top of the Gondola at The Canyons. I had been up on this mountain over a 100 times during the winter when I had a season pass two years and from working the winter of 2002 as a lifty. It looks a lot different in the summer.

Mary and I got into a photography war on the way up the Gondola.

This is the view from the gondola half way up. I always loved to here the tourists gasp as we crossed this ravine during the winter. It's even further down without the snow!

Katy looks lovely in her Prego-nut dress.

The next day, we went to the "Pine's Ranch" cabin outside of Oakley, UT and enjoyed the outdoors. I fished the Smith Morehouse that runs behind the cabin. This stream has always eluded me. But I finally caught a fair amount of fish!

I love how beautiful Brook Trout are. I only caught three of these guys, this one was the biggest. The rest of the trout were Cutthroats. It was a great day. We ended the night playing "Wizard" around the table at the Deer Valley Condo. I loss by five points to Jake. But a close second ain't bad.

We were sad to have to leave Deer Valley. But at least we got to stay the whole time, which was a first. I headed to Sandy early Monday morning to take the Bachelors SSW exam. I finished the 170 question test in a little over two hours and passed with an 82%. I was worried if I would pass, but once I got into the test, it went smooth.

We headed to Payson after a quick stop to Barbaccoa for lunch and Babies R Us for some baby goodies. That night, we had a family baby shower and Katy and I got even more baby stuff. Everything we got that night, we needed. It was great. Thank-you so much for all your generosity. Katy, Connor, and I truly appreciate it.

We went to "License to Wed" that night, which turned out to be a cheesy, sappy movie.
The Family visited Tsing Tao again, and Jan kept his sticky fingers holstered. The next morning, Katy and I baked in the sun on the drive back to Cedar City. We spent the rest of the day in front of the cooler in the living room, trying to recover from the drive.